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Be U Salons promises to provide standardized services and uniform prices at all our outlets with basic amenities like WIFI, Air Conditioned ambiance, professional services, hygienic and well-sanitized products, mineral drinking water etc. Customers can easily opt for their preferred salon that fits their budget perfectly. The most advanced beauty technology has shaped here with our efficient operations, management, service, and CRM. Our App allows customers to easily book appointments in just 10 seconds. Be U Salons contemplates the loopholes of unorganized salons and bridges the gap by collaborating with the latter to enhance their quality by providing regular training to beauticians, stylists etc, using premium brand products and offering reasonable rates to allow flexibility of customers.

You will agree with us, just go ahead and download the App. Select from a plethora of categories like Hair, Skincare, Makeup, Nails, Spa, for women and men respectively. Just mail us at info beusalons. Vision We envision to promote the Be U Salon App as a go-to beauty solution for hassle-free rejuvenation and experience our professionally driven standardized services across all our salon chains PAN India. If you were heading to a salon, it would take most of your day to reach there and you would then have to wait for your turn.

Feel Comfortable: When you go to a salon for a hair spa or facial treatment, you have to leave straightaway when the treatment gets over.

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You may also find that the ambience inside the salon very unappealing. Due to these reasons, you may not find the whole process of beauty treatments to be comfortable. That changes when you book salon services at home.

Read a book or magazine or listen to your preferred tunes during the treatment, or even take a siesta when the beauty treatment at your home is over. Relaxed Services: In a salon, many customers wait for their turns for beauty treatments and cosmetologists have to consider that. In this way, sometimes beauticians can make haste to finish the beauty treatment to accommodate the others.

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Cosmetologists offering salon at home services come prepared for a particular duration where they are not pre-occupied with other customers. Group Treatments: By hiring beauticians at home, you can also ask your best friends to join you for a pamper session. You can all get ready for a party in a fun manner and talk as much as you want.

Most likely, you and your friends will need to wait for your turns and then would be placed in different rooms. Beauty treatments should be done quite frequently as they let you be more assured of your looks. UrbanClap has expert beauticians who provide fantastic and affordable salon services at homes.

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Below is the list of the services and their advantages:. All skincare treatments associated with the face are called facial treatments or facials. Massage, steam, exfoliation, and face mask application are the main steps of facials. Facials have become very popular among women over the years. UrbanClap offers these regular types of facials:. Glow Facial: The skin tends to glow with the products that are applied in a glow facial treatment.

Anti-ageing Facial Treatment: This type of facial is for people with wrinkles and fine lines.

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Anti-ageing facials can effectively soften the fine lines as well as provide good nourishment. Generally, facial treatments comprise of more steps and require more products when compared to a facial clean up. Below are some of the advantages of a facial treatment:. Facial Massage: Whether it is a facial clean up or a facial treatment, the most essential part is a facial massage. Specific Masks based on Skin Type: There different facial masks based on the different types of the skin.

On the other hand, people who have a dry skin would need a moisturising mask. Facial treatments should be done on a frequent basis but many people are not certain about how regularly they should be done. Skin specialists say that older people go for facials once every two weeks and people with young skin can do facial once every month.

Taking care of your hands and feet regularly is also essential just like taking care of your face.

Photos of the Fahrenheit Salon store Deals in Pune Salon Offers. Best Salon Offers in Pune. Services - Hair Spa, Hair Styling, Hair Wash, Cleanup, De-Tan, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Bridal Package, Pre-Bridal Package, Skin Treatment. Deals in Pune Beauty & Salon Offers Hair Salons. Hair Care Services in Pune. Services - Hair Color, Hair Spa, Hair Styling, Hair Wash, Haircut, Bleach, Cleanup, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Shave, Beard Trim, Waxing, Makeup.

If you have dry skin on the feet and hands it clearly puts forward that you are not taking enough care of your body. Classic Manicure and Pedicure: This type of manicure comprises of grooming the nails, using hand massage creams and massage lotions to massage the hands. The nail paint is then put on the fingernails. Spa Manicure and Pedicure: This type of manicure comprises of the removal of skin tanning and dead skin.

After the hand massage is finished, a mask is put on the hand. Later the client can choose her own nail paint to apply on the fingernails. De-tan Manicure and Pedicure: This type of manicure involves the use of select products with de-tanning properties. Just one de-tan manicure session can lessen the tanned skin on hands. Waxing is a good hair removal technique and it is quite popular.

Hair starts to grow some days later after going through this hair removing treatment. Different areas of the body require distinctive wax types. Waxing can be of these two types:. Soft Waxing: This waxing type employs the use of a thin soft wax layer that is spread in the direction where hair grows on the skin. A strip of paper or cloth is then put on top of the wax and it is pulled from the opposing direction.

Soft wax lying between the strip of paper and skin takes out the hair from the roots. Cold and hot wax are the two major types of soft waxing. The abdomen, back, legs, arms and face have less hair density that makes these body areas ideal for soft waxing.

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Hard or Peel-off Waxing: In the hair growth direction, a thick hard wax layer is spread first and then it is pulled from the opposite way. Strips of paper or cloth are not required as the hard wax is peeled off in this method. The bikini area, eyebrows, and underarms have high hair density and they are coarse, which makes it suitable for hard waxing.

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It is a hair removal technique best suited for doing away with facial hair. In this technique, a cotton thread or polyester thread is folded and curled to move on the areas where hair is not wanted. This method not similar to tweezing as it is able to remove more hair strands than one. Threading works on small rows of hair and a preferred shape can be created with this method.

A hair spa is good for many reasons apart from making your hair look wonderful and nourishing it. Below are some benefits of a hair spa treatment:.