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The rear camera is best suited for photography and videography, whereas the lower quality front camera is intended for use with FaceTime video conferencing.

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Each iPhone 5c model additionally have a side-mounted access panel for the Nano SIM , a bottom-mounted headphone jack, a Lightning connector, and a single built-in speaker. They shipped with "EarPod" headphones that include the integrated Remote and Mic, as well. Four of the seven iPhone 5c models can be uniquely identified by Model Number , which is listed on the back of each phone in small type.

Unfortunately, the remaining three cannot be identified in this manner. Initially, carrier support and geographic distribution may make unique identification unnecessary for most, but it still is worthwhile to be able to identify each device distinctly, particularly once they have found their way around the globe to new locales and carriers alike. China Unicom.

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As the above makes clear, three of the models -- two distributed in the US and one distributed in China -- are the difficult ones to identify as they both share the same A model number. As a result, if the iPhone will boot, the most convenient way to conclusively identify a specific A iPhone 5c model is with the Order Number -- which Apple refers to as the "Model" within the iOS -- or its Serial Number listed in software.

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Once you have located the "Model" or the device serial number, EveryiPhone. Each iPhone 5c model, regardless of other network compatibility, supports Please note that it does not support CDMA networks.

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For complete details regarding specific LTE support, it will be necessary to check with the carrier s in a particular location. Apple only reveals that the iPhone 5c models are powered by a dual core "Apple A6" processor. However, third-party software analysis has confirmed that it specifically uses a dual core 1.

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On April 16, , as first spotted by 9to5Mac , Apple quietly added this low-end configuration in many other European countries, as well. Finally, Apple discontinued the iPhone 5c altogether on September 9, Regardless of where the device was sold, the carrier, or network support, all iPhone 5c models originally shipped with iOS 7.

The iPhone 5c is completely compatible with each of these versions of the operating system with the exception of FaceTime audio for Chinese models due to state limitations on VOIP services as well as the Raise to Wake or Rich Notification features running iOS They are not capable of running iOS 11 or later versions of the iOS at all.

Also, if the iPhone 5c is running a later version of the iOS, it is not simple to "downgrade" to an earlier version without resorting to "jailbreaks" or other hacks. These differences -- identifiers, storage, network support, and target countries -- along with pricing details are summarized below:. On September 9, , Apple discontinued the iPhone 5c altogether.

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This later configuration was discontinued on September 9, This final configuration was discontinued on September 9, This final 8 GB configuration was discontinued on September 9, On September 9, , Apple discontinued the 8 GB configuration. Like Verizon Media, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.

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